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Send us your transport inquiry – we are pleased to send you an offer without obligation. Our solutions are tailored on your individual requirements.

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100% Safe Delivery

We deliver your cargo on the promised time without any delay safely without any damage. ... 100% Safe Delivery.

Weather Insurance

The ocean cargo policy automatically covers goods shipped by water or air, depending on the terms of sale, including all intermediate transit by rail or truck.

Fast & On Time

Coral Cargo fast and affordable shipping transportation, services are customized to deliver reliable and on-time solutions.


Between the point of departure and destination there is CORALCARGO

CORAL CARGO Transport & Logistics keeps your business in motion and your cargo on track.

Coral Cargo Services has been a provider of quality, cost effective, and reliable logistics company since its first established . Through hard work and dedication to our customers, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most reputable logistics providers in South African with the ability to handle any sort of transportation need supported with our wide network of offices and agents.


Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a container from Coral Cargo?

Yes! We have a dedicated team who handle container sales and would be happy to help you.

How can I track my container to know when it will arrive?

It’s easy and simple! You can track the shipment online or via our tracking links or menu available.

What should I do if I require assistance with the online booking?

You may contact our local reservation company during our working hours or you chat with our support on the company website or you can send a mail to

I don’t agree with the amount I’ve been billed. Should I delay payment while I dispute the charge?

It is very important to short-pay your invoice in accordance with the payment due date. By remitting payment, along with a short-pay explanation, your payment will be recorded as on-time, and Coral Cargo Accounting will audit the explanation and make any appropriate adjustments to the account.  Inquiries about invoices should be submitted through our online Credit Contact Us form.

If the incorrect charge is due to an incorrect rate, please also contact your Coral Sales Account Manager to ensure that the proper rates will be applied to future shipments.

Worldwide locations

Coral Cargo is a global logistics execution and supply chain services provider with over 100 locations in 25 countries worldwide.

Quality and commitment

Coral Cargo has earned a reputation for quality, due to our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our business.

End-to-end solution available

We help our customers focus on sales and marketing while making sure the products are delivered on time.

24/7 customer support

Strong customer support with 24*7 assistance by our representatives.